A new vision of business stays

With NOCNOC take a step out of the traditional business trip and discover a new way to connect, to create and to collaborate.

Large spaces
for training / seminars

Meeting room for the day with overhead projector and wifi

Solution for expatriates or transfers

Warm place for filming, showroom or product launch

  Unique Business Trip

William Benhayoun

Marina Nguyen

Raïs Layachi

During our business stays, we have realised that the housing offer in city center didn't fit the needs of a team.

This is why we have decided to provide big and fully equipped apartments, with a perfect location and perfect rates for big groups, respecting hospitality standards and services. 

NOCNOC is positioned as the expert of disruptive work trips and focus on welcoming groups without forgetting comfort, security and conviviality.

Breakup with the classical duo hotel / meeting room to offer a new and federative environment to your team.

reservation@nocnoc.fr / 07 68 01 46 27

commercial@nocnoc.fr / 06 60 23 53 85

pictogramme literie et linge de qualité

Bedding and linen

pictogramme wifi haut débit


pictogramme emplacement hyper centre


pictogramme espace de travail


pictogramme ménage en fin de séjour


pictogramme entrée 24/24



Antoine de Nicolay - Head of Decathlon Logistics Department 

NOCNOC is exactly what the boxes are looking for today, just perfect for a seminar!

Bertrand Fournier - CEO Agenor 

An original format for the accommodation of our eaters during a team building. The teams love it.