House rules

Dear Guests,

Thank you for your reservation. We are happy to welcome you in our beautiful city !

Our mission is to do everything we can to make your stay an unforgettable experience. It is also to live in peace and harmony with the neighborhood and the planet.

This will be possible only by respecting the following rules :

  • For security reasons, we kindly ask you to scan your ID and the credit card used for the payment through the pre-checkin app. If this is not possible we will not give you the info to enter the apartment.

  • A print of the amount of the guarantee will be taken on the same credit card you used for your booking 1 day before your arrival and released maximum 7 seven days after the departure if everything goes right.

  • Every broken furniture must be replaced, if not, you will be charged the replacement cost of the furniture plus travel expenses of 30 euros. If you notice something unusual in the apartment on your arrival day that your host didn’t mention, please directly send him/her a picture so you won’t take the responsibility for it.

  • Parties are forbidden, noise must be stopped after 10pm, In case of complaint from the neighborhood or the police, the entire deposit will be charged and we may ask you to leave immediately the apartment with no refund granted.

  • In case of loss and / or theft of the keys, the replacement value of the keys and / or full lock as appropriate, you will be charged (invoice in support), plus travel expenses of 30 euros.

  • Smoking is forbidden, if a smell of smoke is detected by your host after your departure a fee of 100 euros will automatically be deducted from your guarantee.

Together we can save the planet:

  • If the food is not open please leave it in the fridge and do not throw it in the garbage. We will give it back to someone who needs it.

  • Please be careful with water consumption.

  • Air Conditioning, water and lights must be stopped every time you leave the apartment.

  • Entrance door and windows must be locked every time you leave the apartment.

  • Unused towels must be tidy in the closets at the beginning of your stay so we can see you didn’t use it.

  • Waste must be sorted for recycling : one bag for food waste, an other one for paper and plastic.

  • The glass bin is outside the building: you can find a map on the city website, every empty glass bottle found in the apartment or in the building after your departure will be punished by a 50 euros fee.

On your departure day :

  • Unless you’ve asked the people who welcomed you, check out before 11am.

  • Tidy the apartment.

  • We take care of the bed linens, don’t mind about it.

  • Turn off heaters, lights, AC, water.

  • Throw away the food you’ve opened, leave the closed one you can’t take away  in the fridge.

  • Don’t forget to put your glass waste in the bin outside the building.

  • If your host didn’t give you access to the food and plastic waste room in the building, please leave the bags inside the apartment.

  • Leave the keys where your host asked you to do it. 

IMPORTANT : If you notice something unusual in the apartment on your arrival day that your host didn’t mention, please directly send him/her a picture.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us for any question you may have.

Have a nice stay,

The NOCNOC team.